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Subcategory:Porch Flooring : PVC
Category:Moulding & Millwork
Category:Siding & Exterior Trim

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Category: Decking
AZEK Decking
SubCategory: PVC
With this next generation of decking, from AZEK Deck, wood and composite decking are no longer your only choices.
AZEK Porch Flooring
SubCategory: Porch Flooring
There’s no doubt, any home’s entryway takes a beating from foot traffic and weather. Now there’s AZEK Porch, a durable, easy to clean solution with the same quality and performance of AZEK Deck.
Category: Moulding & Millwork
AZEK Moulding
SubCategory: Moulding
Material: PVC
AZEK's large selection of moulding profiles give you the perfect appearance match for all of your projects.
Category: Railings
AZEK Railing
SubCategory: PVC
The railing offers the beauty and feel of real wood coupled with the high durability and low maintenance you expect from AZEK products.
Category: Siding & Exterior Trim
AZEK Beadboard
SubCategory: Trim
Material: PVC
Type: Beadboard
AZEK beadboard is perfect for wainscoting, porch ceilings, soffits, and hot tub surrounds.
AZEK Cornerboard
SubCategory: Trim
Material: PVC
Type: Cornerboard
Pre-formed for easy installation, AZEK cornerboard has a seam that will never open ensuring long lasting good looks.
AZEK Sheets
SubCategory: Trim
Material: PVC
Type: Sheet
AZEK sheet products are the perfect trim for pop out bay windows, raised panels, dormers, and any trim application over 12" wide.
AZEK Trimboard
SubCategory: Trim
Material: PVC
Type: Trimboard
AZEK trimboard is perfect for window and door surrounds, fascia, soffits, and other trim applications. It can be milled, moulded, and heat formed for custom or curved profiles.
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